WorldQuant partners with for the 2023 Champions Chess Tour

(Oslo, March 21) and its $2 million Champions Chess Tour have announced global quantitative asset management firm WorldQuant as its first new partner for the 2023 season.

WorldQuant will also be an official partner of the Champions Chess Tour and’s broadcast of the 2023 World Chess Championship.

WorldQuant has partnered with the Champions Chess Tour to help promote its International Quant Championship (IQC), a global, three-stage, team-based competition that will bring together students, academia and professionals from around the globe to apply their quantitative skills to developing and backtesting predictive mathematical models, or alphas.

WorldQuant’s IQC registration will be open to sign up until May 18 at The 2023 IQC builds on the many competitions WorldQuant has hosted over the years and welcomes talent from eligible regions and of all experience levels.

Top-scoring teams may be qualified to win cash prizes from a pool of US$100,000, subject to eligibility. WorldQuant seeks to engage top talent around the world, and certain eligible participants who score well in the IQC may be considered for research consulting, internship or full-time employment opportunities at WorldQuant. Please see the official WorldQuant IQC website and guidelines for all rules and restrictions.

Arne Horvei,’s Director of Creative Content Development & Head of Champions Chess Tour Production, said: “We are thrilled WorldQuant recognizes the increasing relevance of online chess and significant crossovers between the chess community and STEM fields. We are delighted to partner with WorldQuant and share the opportunity of the International Quant Championship to the chess community which we know has a lot of analytical talent.”

Nitish Maini, Chief Strategy Officer of WorldQuant, said: “ is a natural partner for WorldQuant and the International Quant Championship, as we have a shared goal of empowering individuals all over the world to collaborate and hone the technical skills required to fuel their success.

“The skills that make for a great chess player – such as creativity, critical thinking and agility – look very much like the skills necessary to be successful in STEM, and we’re excited to bring the creative thinking of the chess community to the quant industry.”

The 2023 Champions Chess Tour started in February with the Airthings Masters, which was won by World Champion Magnus Carlsen. The next event will be the Chessable Masters, starting on April 3.

This year’s competition combines the best features of previous Champions Chess Tour editions with the Global Championship.

The new format spans a full season of online chess comprising six events followed by Playoffs and a thrilling knock-out Final. Each event has a prize fund of $235,000.

About WorldQuant

WorldQuant is a global quantitative asset management firm with over $7 billion in assets under management. Founded in 2007 by Igor Tulchinsky with the belief that talent is global, but opportunity is not, WorldQuant has more than 850 employees spread among 23 offices in 13 countries. WorldQuant seeks to get to the future faster, guided by the principle that there are an infinite number of insights to discover. The firm develops and deploys investment strategies across a variety of asset classes in global markets. For more information on WorldQuant’s philosophy and culture, please visit

About is the world’s leading chess website. In February, hit a new record of 1 billion games completed on the site and it hosts around 12 million games daily. More than 120 million people are registered on The award-winning Champions Chess Tour is’s flagship elite online tournament. The 2023 edition offers a record $2 million prize pot, making it the richest and most prestigious annual circuit in chess history. It features all the world’s best chess players and the current Tour Champion is Norway’s Magnus Carlsen.

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