Tour format & regulations

See the rulebook here.

Main events (6)

Every event consists of a play-in and a knockout phase


9-round 10+2 swiss
Open to all GMs + qualifiers

Top ranked play match to decide divisions


Double elimination bracket

3 divisions: I, II & III

Division I

8 players

Top-3 players from previous Event Division 1 invited

Winner of previous Event’s Division II invited

1st-8th from Swiss play matches; winners get in

Division II

16 players

1st-8th from Swiss play matches; losers get in

9th-32nd from Swiss play matches; winners get in

Division II

32 players

9th-32nd from Swiss play matches; losers get in

33rd-72nd from Swiss play matches; winners get in


Consists of a Round Robin and Knockout stage


8-player Round Robin

  • Each player plays a 2-game match vs. each other player


  • Advancement:
    • 1st-2nd advance to Semifinals
    • 3rd-6th advance to Survival Stage
    • 7th-8th eliminated

Survival Stage:

3rd-6th will play a mini-double elimination to determine the last 2 spots in the Finals


4-player single elimination bracket


Matches will use a best of 3 “set” format


Weekly open events to qualify for a main event

Event qualifiers happen every Monday at 8 a.m. PT/17:00 CET from February 13 to September 11, except on weeks with a Play-in or Knockout.

GMs do not need to play in these

9-round Swiss with 10+2 time control

The top 3 players from each Event will be eligible to participate in any upcoming Play-In Stage.


A global leaderboard according to points scored in the Tour

Placing Division I Division II Division III
1st 150 50 20
2nd 100 30 15
3rd 75 20 10
4th 50 15 8
5th (x2) 30 10 6
7th (x2) 20 8 5
9th (x4) 6 4
13th (x4) 5 3
17th (x8) 2
25th (x8) 1

Prize fund

$ 1.41 M USD

$ 235,000 x 6 events

$ 500,000 USD

Play-offs and finals

$ 100,000 USD

Final leaderboard