David talks Carlsen-Nepo, Firouzja and if he’ll play Tour 2022

David Howell

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Tour’s star commentator David Howell – and there’s an even busier month ahead.

The three-time British champ put in a thrilling performance on his return to competition at the FIDE Grand Swiss in Riga and then headed to the European Team Championships to represent England.

On Sunday, David even found time to celebrate his 31st birthday in between rounds at the Euros event:

Then, after the Euros finish, he’s off to commentate on the FIDE World Championship with Kaja Snare and Jovanka Houska.

So, in between tournaments we found time to catch up with David, ask him about his exploits, quiz him on the upcoming Carlsen-Nepomniatchtchi match and get him to answer a few of your questions – including one on whether he’ll play in the next Meltwater Champions Chess Tour…

Watch our video above to see what David had to say.

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