About the Author: MakkaPakka

One of the best parts about Chessable is that at any time you can become not just a user, but an author as well. Age, rating, resume – it doesn’t matter as long as you have good ideas and know your chess. 

That’s the story of Chessable fan MakkaPakka. The up-and-coming English chess player was already a power user of the site. Just check out his profile – from Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual to John Bartholomew’s Scandinavian, his virtual bookshelf is stocked! And with an online rating of 1900 and climbing, his XP points are definitely translating into rating points, too. 

So recently, having gone through so many Chessable courses, it dawned on him: what if I make my own course? And luckily for the Chessable community, he did! 

Just months ago after some research and hard work building it, he published his debut course Attacking the Castled King. In it, he presents the reader with positions from master games where, you guessed it, the player engineered a successful attack on a castled king. 

It’s a simple concept indeed, but it certainly resonated with the community. After all, how many times have you launched an attack on a castled king only to have it backfire? Precision is key! And with MakkaPakka’s smart and concise annotations, you can improve your tactical vision, deconstruct the pros’ attacks, and practice razing the enemy castle in your own games. 

He even includes one puzzle of his own attacking masterpieces. See if you can solve this puzzle from his game: it’s White to move. What did MakkaPakka play to lock down the win? (answer at the bottom of the article) 

The course already has a 4-star rating, with many kind words on the course page. So if you want to practice your own attacking skills, you definitely want to check out MakkaPakka’s Attacking the Castled King!

Answer to puzzle:

  1. Bf1, intending 2.Ba6+ Kb6 3.Bd4#