About the Author: Logozar

While the chess world is dominated by young stars, not too many of them can say they make a living from it by the time they’re 19. But Elijah Logozar can. 

The young Texan is not some super GM claiming tournament prize after tournament prize – but he is one of the most popular authors on Chessable. 

Elijah’s been passionate about chess ever since he was 13. It was then he got serious about the game – he got a coach and completely immersed himself in chess, training whenever he could. As he would tell you in his own words, he was – and still is – willing to put 90 hours a week into chess.

When he discovered Chessable, he was hooked. But in those early days of Chessable, not much content existed. So, at just 15 years old, Logozar decided to make his own courses. 4 years and 13 courses later, he’s one of the most popular authors on Chessable – so much so that he’s been able to make a living off chess. 

But aside from earning money doing what he loves, making Chessable courses has really helped him refine his own game. Elijah is now a USCF National Master, rated 2236, and boasts an online rating of over 2500. 

And at just 19 years old, the future is bright for this young star. Expect to see even more from him in the years to come, but in the meantime, be sure to check out his highly acclaimed courses on his Chessable page. With courses like Mop Up the Morra and even a complete 1.e4 repertoire, NM Logozar can help you get your openings in shape.

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