About the Author: CraftyRaf

One of the things that really separates Chessable from other ways to improve your chess is the thriving and supportive community. When you sign up for Chessable, you get a whole legion of dedicated authors and veteran users who have your back – like Raf Mesotten. 

Raf, better known by his username CraftyRaf, is a user-turned-author who is proudly one of the most active authors on Chessable. He now has three fan-favorite courses on Chessable, and he’s still working on more. 

Raf learned the game when he was 4, and his talent for the game was confirmed when he beat his kindergarten teacher just a year later. Though he gave it up for several years, he picked up the game again in his 20s and he’s been at it ever since. Now rated over 1900 FIDE, he’s having fun beating up on Candidate Masters in simuls and even scoring a win against Alexandra Botez on her live stream!

Though he’s no pro, this dedicated player spends a significant amount of his free time on chess. When he’s not creating his own award-winning Chessable courses, he’s active on the discussion boards answering student questions and helping new authors make their own courses. 

And there’s a lot of people taking his courses too – they are some of the most popular on Chessable by far; so much so that they are even presented by John Bartholomew! His first course, The Checkmate Patterns Manual, is a must-see for beginner and intermediate players looking to increase their tactical abilities. Students will learn 30 common checkmating patterns, with practical exercises on how to execute them. Take this one for example – it’s White to play, with a forced checkmating sequence (see the bottom of the article for the answer):

But to experience the full power of this devoted teacher at your back, you just have to check out his courses for yourself – take a look at CraftyRaf’s author page here. 

Answer to puzzle:

1.Nd6+ Kb8 2.Rc8+ Ka7 3.Rc7+ Bxc7 4.Rb7#