2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour dates announced

The next Meltwater Champions Chess Tour will feature 9 tournaments, beginning on February 19th, 2022 and concluding with the final from November 11-20. The Tour, that helped launch and has benefited from the huge boom in online chess in the last couple of years, is now becoming an established feature of the chess calendar, with Norway’s TV 2 signing an agreement to broadcast it live for an additional five years after this year’s Tour concludes in October.

The Aimchess US Rapid, the last regular event on the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, starts on August 28th, before the final takes place a month later from September 25th. Plans are well underway, however, for the next edition of the Tour, with the dates already set for 2022.

The schedule has been agreed in consultation with FIDE and major tournament organisers as we head into an exciting new era for chess when online and over-the-board events will combine to provide both great opportunities for players and almost non-stop entertainment for chess fans.The Tour has been given a vote of confidence by a long-term deal with Norwegian TV. Sports Editor at TV 2, Vegard Jansen Hagen, commented of the new 5-year broadcast rights deal:

"The agreement secures TV 2 access to premium level chess for years to come. Chess has developed into a steadily growing tv sport in Norway. Partnering with the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour enables us to offer an engaging broadcast in a viewer friendly rapid chess format. The duration of the Tour and intervals between the tournaments also makes chess an almost year-round sport, featuring the top international Grandmasters."

More than 25 million hours of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour have been watched so far in its inaugural season, with two events still remaining.

Next up is the Aimchess US Rapid, that starts on Saturday August 28th with World Champion Magnus Carlsen topping the line-up. Follow all the action live here on championschesstour.com, or on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.